Dust Devil Finished

I’ve decided that I am finished with the dust devil effect for now. I’m satisfied with it and wish to move on to other projects. I may return to it some day and do minor tweaking but for now I think it’s good.

Adding Thickness


Two additional funnel emitters have been added to give more thickness to the dust devil. The initial offset took some adjusting but I think it looks decent. There is a noticeable reduction in frame rate though so I’ll most likely need to modify the amount of particles spawned by each funnel to compensate.

Moving the dust devil


I adjusted the acceleration, lifetime, and spawn rate of the funnel emitter so that moving the effect in real-time correspondingly adjusts the position of the funnel. I’m also experimenting with pre-warming the entire effect. Currently, the dust devil simply appears whenever it’s spawned without any warm-up period. I may change this later on.

Base lifetime


Shown here is the “base” of the dust devil. I modified it’s overall lifetime so that  it dissipates quicker.