Reducing flare launchers, turret, hinge, rear compartments.






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I’ve further reduced the flare launchers, specifically the edges around the muzzles. I found a few edges on the backs of the launchers as well. I deleted a few edges on the flat area on the front section of the turret as well as in the rear compartments and the hinge on top of the turret.


Current # of Polygons: 99,225

Reduced Rear Compartments and Bolts







I’ve eliminated edges on the small bolts connecting the armor skirt to the rest of the hull and did the same for the rear compartments.

I’ve read that the Unity engine’s polygon limit is about 65,000. Once I get the mesh reduced to around that number (or lower), I will import it into a new project and test the frame rate.


Current # of Polygons: 99,857

Reducing headlights, antenna base, flare launchers, and access hatch

reducedFlareLaunchers reducedHeadlights reducedAccessHatch reducedAntennaBase



Flare Launchers                 Headlights                             Access Hatch                        Base Antenna


I’ve made progress on reducing additional bolts on the tank’s outer hull and I’ve also started reducing the flat areas on and around the top of the turret; mainly the access hatch. I’ve deleted some edges on the headlights and the base of the two rear antenna. The inside of each flare launcher contained some unneeded edges as well.


Current # Polygons: 100,860