Optimization Finished.

originalTankFmrt finalOptimizeFmrt



 Original                                Optimized


I test-ran a Unity scene with the original tank and one with the optimized tank. The average frame-rate for the original is 19 FPS while the average for the optimized mesh is 66 FPS. This tank could now be potentially used for games.

Reduced below 65,000 polys.

eliminateBolts reduceUpperTreads reduceWheels




I’ve finally reduced the entire mesh to below 65,000 polygons. I decided to completely remove the small bolts detailing the turret, wheels, and body of the tank. I also got rid of most of the faces along the upper parts of the treads since they are hidden behind the armor.


Current Polycount: 63,675

Reducing flare launchers, turret, hinge, rear compartments.






maya 2015-07-14 11-43-52-67maya 2015-07-14 11-43-20-15




I’ve further reduced the flare launchers, specifically the edges around the muzzles. I found a few edges on the backs of the launchers as well. I deleted a few edges on the flat area on the front section of the turret as well as in the rear compartments and the hinge on top of the turret.


Current # of Polygons: 99,225